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Windows 10

Windows 10 build 17728 releases with new enhancements

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Microsoft is now releasing Windows 10 build 17728 for testers with devices enrolled in the Windows Insider Fast Ring program. This is the 21st preview released as part of Redstone 5 development, and it is a minor update, as all the features planned for version 1809 are already part of the operating system, and the company is currently working to finalize the update for his or her release in October.

Windows 10 Insider Preview, Version 17728According to the software giant, it introduces a number of enhancements to Narrator and improves application programming logic when the screen changes DPI.

Windows 10 Build 17728

Here are the changes included in the latest Windows 10 Redstone 5 preview coming later this year:

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As part of Easy of Access, Narrator is undergoing a number of enhancements, including reliability and:

  • Scan mode: Reading, navigation and text selection in scan mode have been improved.
  • Keyboard command changes: The keystroke to move to the beginning of the text has changed to Narrator + B (it was Narrator + Control + B), Move to end of text changed to Narrator + E (It was Narrator + Control + E).
  • Move Next, Move Previous, and Change View: When changing the display to characters, words, lines, or paragraphs, the Read the current article The command will read the text from that specific type of view more reliably.
  • Quick start: The link in the settings to restart QuickStart should now work reliably and will start at the first welcome page.
  • Provide feedback: The keystroke to provide feedback has changed. The new key is Narrator + Alt + F. This will work on standard and legacy layouts.
  • Braille: Improved the use of the Braille command when using the Narrator key on the braille display.
  • Note: The legacy layout also allows you to use Narrator + E to send us feedback.
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Beside the announcement, Microsoft is also launching new functions in the application “Your Phone”, which will be released in future versions.

Download Windows 10 build 17728

Although there are no ISO files for Windows 10 build 17728, the update is available immediately through the fast ring for PC. This preview version will automatically download and install on your device, but you can always force the update to settings > Update and security > Windows update and clicking on Search for updates button. (You can learn how to join the Windows Insider program in this video.)

You can also check out these resources:

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