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Why don’t you worry about charging your mobile’s microphone while trying to find the SIM card?

Some years ago we had the market full of terminals with less polished designs than those we find today, something that had the advantage of promoting the repairability of the terminals. After all, it is easier to repair an easy-to-open smartphone, although it can still fail.

Now things have changed a lot and in fact there is a page called iFixit that rates smartphones based on ease or difficulty to repair. And now has revealed why You don’t have to worry about breaking your smartphone’s microphone with the SIM card pulling on the tip.

No, you cannot damage your smartphone’s microphone with the SIM card remover

On some occasions, you have surely doubted that the hole you see on your smartphone is to insert the extraction plate or if it is the microphone. Too, Know that if you accidentally took the extraction tool, or a pin, to verify it, you have nothing to fear. you have not broken your smartphone microphone.

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Why don’t you worry about charging your mobile’s microphone while trying to find the SIM card?

And, as iFixit itself explains, there is no risk of damaging the microphone, because in smartphones the microphone is not as we imagined it a priori, but rather it is a small module. built into the surface of the motherboard. In addition, the channel through which the sound is carried from the terminal frame to the microphone module is designed so that this tool does not enter.

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On the other hand, there are other factors, such as the possible L-shape of the module, or its perpendicularity to the frame, that make it very difficult to damage it with the extraction tool. Anyway, If you want to efficiently locate where your smartphone’s SIM card is, or refer to its instructions, Or you stop to look at which of the holes you see has a box in the shape of the SIM tray.

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