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WhatsApp for iPhone Beta adopts iOS 13 features

WhatsApp for iPhone Beta adopts iOS 13 features

WhatsApp has released one more test version for the app running on smart phones iPhone and the main novelty is that it finally uses the iOS 13 dev kit. This means that features released with this version of the operating system may already appear in the most popular messaging service today.

What’s new in WhatsApp Beta for iPhone

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In addition, the iOS 13 development kit allows WhatsApp offer a list of contacts and chats when the user chooses the iOS content sharing area. The widget that appears in the widget area can now appear darker, but the night mode that respects the decision on this feature has not yet appeared in system settings.

It should come in a future update, although it starts with a disadvantage because it is a feature that its competitors (such as Telegram, Messenger and Skype) already offer as an option.


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When will the stable version be available?

The beta testing that received these features already predates the stable end-user update, which is released to everyone. Apparently, the only problem reported is that the home screen of the application, where the WhatsApp logo appearsnot seen on some phones.

So most likely when correcting this error it should be available.