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Top 10 Keyboard Apps for iPhone with Fancy Fonts, Themes, GIFs and More (Part I)

Third-party iPhone keyboards have come a long way since their release in iOS 8. They are more reliable and offer features far beyond the default iPhone keyboard. Therefore, it is not difficult to make a list of the 10 best keyboard applications for iPhone.

How to install third-party keyboards on iOS

You must enable a third-party keyboard in your phone’s settings before you can start using it. Once you’ve installed the keyboard app, open Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards and choose Add New Keyboard to select it. Then tap on the keyboard name and give it full access (to enable features like GIF search and emoji suggestions).

To switch to the new board, open the keyboard in any app, then tap and hold the Globe button. Select the newly installed keyboard from the list to change it.

Top 10 keyboard apps for iPhone

Using a third-party keyboard, you can access features like gesture typing, GIF search, emoji autocorrect, web search and more.

  1. Gboard

Google created best all-in-one keyboard app for the iPhone. It offers you stellar autocomplete options, gesture writing, GIF search, emoji suggestions, stickers and themes. Not to mention the Google search always present on the keyboard.

How often do you open Safari just to google something and share the link in a chat? Tap the G button on Gboard and start searching. You can also switch your search to YouTube and Google Maps. Once you find the result, just tap on it to paste it into a message thread.

  • Download : Gboard (Free)

  1. Swiftkey

SwiftKey is similar to Gboard, but lacks google search. Has a more refined user interface to search for GIFs and emojis. The best aspect of SwiftKey is its gesture writing and how it intelligently adapts to your writing style.

  • Download : Swiftkey (Free)

  1. Flexible

Flexi is a gesture-based keyboard. You still type by tapping the keys, but everything else works with gestures. Swipe left to delete words, swipe up to add new words to the dictionary, and swipe on the space bar to switch between languages.

Once you get used to the gestures, Fleksy it can be an incredibly fast way of writing. Also, Fleksy has private web search, video search, GIF search and built-in emojis. If you like Gboard’s feature set but want to avoid Google for privacy reasons, try using Fleksy.

Fleksy has a stellar collection of themes. Its quality and overall polish set the Fleksy apart from other theme-based keyboards. You can get some theme packs for free, but others cost a euro or two.

  • Download : Flexible (free in-app purchases available)

  1. Go Keyboard

When an Android user says there is no customizable keyboard for iPhone, show them Go Keyboard. This keyboard has a collection of over 1,000 themes (You can unlock most of the themes by subscribing to the premium monthly plan.)

After installing the app, go to the Category section to explore colorful, dynamic, or just plain cool themes. You can download a theme and start using it instantly. Other than that, Go Keyboard supports gesture typing, emoji suggestions, avatars, and more. But there is no GIF search here.

  • Download : Go Keyboard (Free, subscription available)