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The new iPods spit on the penguin


The new iPods spit on the penguin

Linux has never been one of the operating systems officially supported by iPod, but synchronizing Apple’s players with major Linux distributions has never been a big deal. This until the arrival of the new generation of iPods, which, apparently, precludes any relationship considered “illegitimate”.

According to what was explained on engadget.com, the firmware of the latest iPods it was designed to sync exclusively with iTunes thus cutting out all third-party applications, including open source programs such as gtkpod and Amarok.

A novelty of this kind goes above all to the detriment of the users of the Penguin, already discriminated against by the absence of a version of iTunes for your platform .

There are those who believe that this limitation is some kind of anti-piracy measure but on the forums you are already betting on how long it will take before hackers – thanks to reverse engineering – find a way to get around even this last stake.

An in-depth study on the issue was published by boingboing.net.

Update (9.50 am) – It seems that some hackers have already managed to bypass the restriction.