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The Motorola cell distributor

The Motorola cell distributor

New York (USA) – He calls them “robot shops” but they are essentially vending machines for mobile phones and accessories: Motorola has placed them in 20 points in the United States, chosen from stations, airports and other transit points, to test this ” new way ”of selling mobile phone products.

Instantmoto, this is the name of the devices, will allow you to buy around 30 different devices, including the latest and most popular (it should be said) the company’s phones.

Unlike a normal soda machine, the “robotic shops” are all constantly connected to the operations center of Zoom Systems, a San Francisco company that supplied the technology and monitoring systems.

Depending on the results the 20 distributors achieve, Motorola may decide to expand its service elsewhere. Not that it is in itself a stroke of genius: in other countries, such as Japan, distributors of electronic products are already widespread and many of the major manufacturers use them. In Italy, however, for the moment they are in hiding.