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The iPod will wear HP blue

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The iPod will wear HP blue

Las Vegas (USA) – With a surprise announcement, Apple and HP have unveiled a strategic agreement that will lead the latter to market audio players based on iPod technology, Apple’s famous family of portable players. Although HP’s hi-tech trinkets will be marketed under the name of HP Blue these will retain the same design and the same features that characterize the latest generation iPods.

The first HP players will be released on the market starting this summer at a price that, according to the giant led by Carly Fiorina, will be competitive with the other players on the market today.

For the moment HP does not plan to market players based on the iPod mini design, however the company has not ruled out that this may happen in the future.

The agreement also provides that, again starting this summer, all HP consumer PCs and notebooks will be marketed with iTunes pre-installed and include an icon that makes the iTunes Music Store online music service directly accessible from your desktop.

The alliance with HP could significantly increase the popularity of iTunes software and, with it, the online music store of the same name among Windows users. The version of iTunes for Windows was released about three months ago.

Fiorina, who claimed to have chosen Apple’s software and service after careful analysis of all the alternatives out there, justified this move with the high demand for digital music from its PC users. In fact, according to research from the company, more than 54% of current HP customers download music to their PC.

“I think everyone agrees – said the top executive of HP – that Apple has done a great job with iPod, iTunes software and the iTunes Music Store”.

The announcement of the agreement with Apple, which took place at the recent CES in Las Vegas, was accompanied by HP at the launch of an “entertainment hub” capable of functioning as a home server for the storage, management and sharing of music, movies and photos. The giant also announced a 42-inch plasma monitor, a 30-inch LCD TV, and the upcoming integration into its iPaq PDAs of a smart feature for remote control of a variety of devices and appliances.