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The change in Katherine Heigl’s career before the fireflies dance

Katherine Heigl He has built a long career since he began acting in 1992. He has been involved in major films and spent five years on a hit like Grey’s Anatomy. However, his career had to go through strong obstacles as his strong personality earned him conflicts in an industry that has come to consider it difficult. At age 42, the actress made an important mentality change and he went back to TV to play The dance of fireflies on Netflix. That you have changed

The problems began in 2008 after the premiere of Slightly pregnant. In a post-release interview, the artist said that the film seemed to him “A bit sexist” and was severely criticized by the director and part of the cast. His way of being and his conviction to speak his mind made him go through difficult times before a macho context before the #MeToo movements and the irruption of feminism.

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Also, a year later, he denied the Emmy nomination because he said he didn’t deserve it because the creators of Grey’s Anatomy had given it little thought this season. He also complained about the medical series in 2009 because the producers they made her work 17 hours a day.

In the Shonda Rhimes series, she also had a crossover with Isaiah Washington, a colleague expelled for homophobic expressions against Theodore Raymond Knight in 2007. The interpreter gave his opinion at that time and stated that the actor “You shouldn’t speak in public”. Last year, the conflict escalated and Washington publicly attacked Heigl.

“She may have said a couple of things that she didn’t like, but then it was ungrateful for her, so it was difficult for her and it ended up being unprofessional.”the actress explained in statements to the Washington Post. Friction at work complicated her career, but she kept working because the public loved her.

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“But then my films started not earning so much”, spoke of a difficult time in his life when he was battling anxiety. “I think my family, my mother, my husband, my friends were scared. And I’m deeply sorry that I scared you like that. But I just couldn’t control it. I had no tools ” additional.

Finally, he was able to emerge from the crisis and resume his career. After two years without leaving Suits, Heigl signed with Netflix and created El Baile de las Luciérnagas. She and the series received rave reviews.

“I found out that I was in control. I feel happier now than I was 35 or 25 years old. I have come to accept that ambition is not a bad word and that it does not make me less feminine, affectionate and affectionate to be an ambitious woman, to have big dreams and big goals ” , synthesized the change in attitude he made to get back on the road to success.

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