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Reported, Vajont.org self-obscures

Reported, Vajont.org self-obscures

Longarone – A now famous webmaster for years has been collecting materials, links, testimonies, memories and publishes them on Vajont.org, the site dedicated to the Vajont tragedy, where in October 1963 almost 2 thousand people perished. Now that webmaster, Tiziano Del Farra, has decided to auto-obscure the site or, rather, to publish an order for the seizure of the site, which due to a formal defect it could have avoided.

In recent days, in fact, the Postal Police went to his home to impose the closure of the site following a complaint for defamation in the press presented by the mayor of Longarone. However, the seizure order had a formal defect and Del Farra’s lawyer proposed the possibility of preventing its application. He, however, determined to prove the absolute innocence of the site and eager to respect the instructions of the magistrate and the police, decided to provide for a suspension of the offending pages .

It thus happens that by going to the home page of the site, one is greeted by an announcement, published by the webmaster, of the Friuli – Venezia Giulia Postal Police and Communications Department – Udine Section, in which it is announced that the website was subjected to preventive seizure on 24 September 2007 . The self-suspension, in reality, concerns only the contested pages.

“I wanted to avoid scandals and embarrassing situations – says Del Farra – In any case, we are ready to appeal to the Supreme Court to protect the freedom of expression guaranteed by our Constitution”.

“On the site – he explains – we have always given space to everyone, even to those who do not have our ideas. The Vajont disaster does not concern only the municipalities of Erto and Casso and Longarone, but the whole world. This is why it was right for everyone to know about the judicial war that has been declared against us ”.

The crux of the dispute are the pages recently dedicated by the site to the current mayor of the municipality of Longarone, Pier Luigi de Cesaro, pages which, according to him, are, in fact, defamatory . In the next few days, meanwhile, the Review Court will assess the weight of the appeal made by Del Farra and, therefore, will establish whether the self-suspended pages can legitimately return to being accessible.