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Rates, Wind fined 100 thousand euros

Rates, Wind fined 100 thousand euros

Rome – Wind is the operator that suffers the first consequences from the introduction of the highly contested tariff changes: the Authority for Guarantees in Communications, as reported by UltimoMiglio.news, has in fact decided to impose a fine of 100 thousand euros on the operator . Not for having implemented the remodulations, but for how it gave information to users.

The ADUC newsletter, in underlining the unofficial nature of the news, in fact reports some indiscretions that speak of the conviction motivated by the “failure to comply with article 70 paragraph 4 of the Communications Code”. Which literally says: Subscribers have the right to withdraw from the contract, without penalty, upon notification of proposed changes to the contractual conditions. Subscribers are informed with adequate notice, not less than one month, of any such changes and are informed at the same time of their right to withdraw from the contract, without penalty, if they do not accept the new conditions.

As the readers of PI Telefonia will remember, last March Wind sent its users – with the Wind 10 tariff plan – an SMS with the following information: “Dear Customer, from 01/05 your Wind 10 tariff plan will become Wind 12. For info on the new conditions call 158 “. The operator would therefore have been punished precisely for the way in which it communicated the tariff change to customers. Method that TRE had also chosen to notify its customers of some changes relating to certain tariff plans.

However, the sanction of the Communications Authority does not enter into the merits of the application of the remodulations which, consequently, they would not be deemed illegitimate . If the Communications Guarantor finds the same irregularities reported to Wind in the behavior of TRE, it is likely that a fine will also be arriving for the latter operator.

Dario Bonacina