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Pokémon GO will receive 6th generation of monsters in December

Novelty is part of big updates, which will change several aspects of the game

A Niantic announced a robust update for Pokémon GO. Under the theme of GO Beyond (Go Beyond), the game will receive the sixth generation monsters on December 2, it will increase the maximum level that trainers can reach – jumping from 40 to 50 -, and it will also institute a format of Seasons to differentiate the periods of the year.

It is the first time that Niantic has changed the maximum level within the game: since 2016, coaches could only reach 40. In order to reach level 50, however, it will be necessary to try a little harder than usual; in addition to getting large amounts of experience, players will need to complete missions at each level to evolve.

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By the way, the game will offer an exclusive medal for coaches who reach level 40 before 11:59 pm on December 31. For those who have not yet reached 40, the experience bonus per capture will be doubled by the end of 2020, and the event 12 Days of Friendship will allow players to increase their friendship more quickly between 18 and 30 November.

As for the Seasons, they will refer to the seasons, such as summer and winter, and will also be modified every three months, but will also add bonuses that may not be linked to the weather. The first station will be Celebration, beginning on December 1, and will celebrate the arrival of the little monsters of Kalos with a new mission.

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Kalos, in fact, is the seventh region to reach the game, since Disease, 8th generation continent, has already been present through Pokémon as Perrserker e Obstagoon. It is worth remembering that Kalos is the region where the Megaevolution, and Niantic promised new features in this aspect of the game.

Finally, the GO Battle League it is also among the changes: the ranks will be expanded from 10 to 24, and the last four will have completely unique characters. Niantic also guarantees that leveling up will bring entirely new rewards.

Pokémon GO is available for free to Android e iOS.

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