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OneBip, to pay with your mobile

OneBip, to pay with your mobile

Milan – Now that the deadlines for prepaid credit have been abolished – in addition to top-up costs – users could have one more reason to use the mobile phone as a payment tool. And the OneBip solution is oriented towards this opportunity, launching a new payment method designed for transactions worth less than 10 euros.

OneBip allows online payments using mobile phone credit, without the use of credit cards or bank intermediaries. “Although consumers have repeatedly expressed their interest in the services and digital content offered by Web 2.0 – explains the company in a note – such as role-playing games, social networking, dating sites, e-books and blogs, have often been reluctant to use their credit cards for payments of less than 10 euros – the so-called micro-payments, a market estimated at over $ 18 billion by 2010 ”.

“Unlike other systems on the market – explains the company – to use OneBip you don’t need a bank account or have a credit card. Using OneBip, the transaction value is directly charged to your phone bill or deducted from your prepaid card. OneBip also gives the possibility to consult online the history of purchases and monitor the expenses made via the mobile phone “.

Registering on OneBip allows consumers to have a mobile payment system and make online purchases without having to interact with the mobile phone and communicate their number to third party sites. OneBip, declares the manufacturer, allows you to transform telephone credit into money to be spent online, as a payment tool.

OneBip’s solution is also designed to offer websites with e-commerce services “a new way to sell and monetize their services”, allowing them to accept payments from mobile phones through an online configuration process. Currently active in Great Britain, Germany and the United States, OneBip expects to extend the service to the main internet markets by 2009.

“In Great Britain alone, the first country to implement the European e-money directive and the first country in which OneBip was launched – says Diego Mortillaro, president of the company – in just over 2 months over 20,000 users have registered an account on OneBip and more than 600 sites are using it to increase revenue through the sale of their digital products and services. ”

Further information on the service is available at this address.