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Novell: Who Wants Photoshop on Linux?

Novell: Who Wants Photoshop on Linux?

Waltham (USA) – What are the Windows applications that Linux business users can’t live without? To find out, Novell is conducting an online survey open to all: if participation is high, the company hopes to incentivize major software developers for Windows to port their applications to Linux.

“More and more people realize the economic benefits of using Linux in data centers, but often these same people find that Linux is missing one or two key applications needed for their business,” Novell said. “The vendors who create these products need to know your needs, but they need more than one or two requests to justify the investment.”

In the survey, which has been online for about two weeks, Novell suggests a list of applications to the user that includes Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft Visio and Corel WordPerfect. However, the user can specify products that are not in the list.

Novell expects to leave the survey online for about a year, a period of time during which it will periodically collect the results and use them to lobby the companies that produce the software most requested by Linux users.