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Nokia warns: fuel cell phones are far away

Nokia warns: fuel cell phones are far away

Helsinki – Setback on Nokia’s plans to develop fuel cell mobile phones. After the launch eight months ago, the Finnish giant has decided to suspend them. The reason? It is a sector that is not yet mature.

However, Matti Naskali, researcher at Nokia Japan, assures us that this is not an abandonment: the technology is promising and Nokia continues to follow it “closely”. The advantages of fuel cells consist in being able to be refilled like a lighter, in greater autonomy and greater power, qualities that are appreciated by modern multimedia devices thirsty for energy.

In 2004, Tero Ojanpera – head of the Nokia research Center – presented a demonstration of a methanol-powered handset, claiming that the technology had reached a reasonable level of maturity and expected less than two years to achieve the commercialization goal.

The factors that prevent you from meeting these terms are logistical, as illustrated by Naskali. One of the most striking would seem to be the regulation of air transport, which prohibits the loading of methanol on aircraft without special packaging due to its high flammability. Another critical aspect is making the necessary fuel available to users to allow fuel-cell batteries to be recharged, which use platinum as a catalyst element to generate energy by combining oxygen with methanol.