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New info to fill your mobile phone with commercials

New info to fill your mobile phone with commercials

Rome – Since last Monday, mobile telephony has its own audicell. A sort of survey system for the audience of telephony services. Made by M: Metrics, it is officially called “MeterDirect” and designed to allow advertisers to better plan the proliferation of their commercials on mobile phones.

“The service allows for a careful analysis of mobile consumption, similar to what media buyers and strategists have come to expect on the Internet,” said Paul Goode, vice president of product development and analyst at M: Metrics.

The platform is based on the collaboration of common smartphone users who, by installing the mini-application, in fact allow the daily recording of consumption and operations. The system is able to store data regarding the web pages visited, the number of SMS sent and received, the games started, and more. At the end of the day, all information is shared with the survey company.

The service will initially only be available in the US and UK, where at least 1100 users have already agreed to download the software. M: Metrics, however, has already promised that by the end of the year “MeterDirect” will also be available for the German, French, Spanish and Italian markets. The goal is to have at least one thousand sample users in each of the countries involved.

In short, the mobile sector is now in turmoil for advertising. After Google’s mobile ads – launched for the first time in Japan and then also tested in Italy, the cyclone Yahoo is about to arrive. Last autumn he signed an agreement with Vodafone for Anglo-Saxon display advertising; now it has announced its intention to create a mobile advertising network. The goal is to become a broker that can allow advertisers to “place” advertising campaigns on the services of different publishers.

Currently the Yahoo network is quite small, it includes: MobiTV; Opera, the developer of the well-known browser; Go2, a “yellow pages” site. In the coming months, however, the US management has ensured the expansion of the offer.

“We are very aggressive on mobile and are moving fast to build a solid platform,” said Steve Boom, Yahoo’s vice president of broadband and mobile. “We felt that business services for publishers were certainly something that was missing.”

According to Kevin Heisler, an analyst at Jupiter Research, Google’s mobile search has yet to eclipse Yahoo. The new Yahoo oneSearch, launched last January, is in fact considered a success. “We hope to be able to launch campaigns on mobile sites by next summer,” Boom added.

“Yahoo has hit the market in a short time and with great impetus, but it is such a new sector that in truth no one can yet consider themselves ahead of the others,” said Gary Arlen, president of research firm Arlen Communications.

Dario d’Elia