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New drafts discovered in web browsers


New drafts discovered in web browsers

In recent days, some security experts have disclosed new weaknesses that plague some of the most popular web browsers in circulation, including Internet Explorer 6/7, Firefox 2, Opera and Konqueror.

Firefox is vulnerable to certain types of attacks that use the wyciwyg: // URI to access certain cache contents or to bypass the same domain policy, thus allowing cross-site scripting. IE instead suffers from a problem related to the document.open () function that could be exploited by certain websites to prevent the user from leaving a web page. Finally, Opera and Konqueror contain a weakness related to the management of the UTI data: // which could be used by an attacker to inoculate content of their choice within a web page.

The vulnerabilities have been summarized in this Heise-security.co.uk article, where you will also find links to the original advisories and vulnerability tests.