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Music to the ears of Nokia

Music to the ears of Nokia

Rome – All mobile phone manufacturers are integrating more and more music services into their offers, often through ad hoc players (MP3, AAC and similar) with adequate memory. Natural, therefore, that a giant like Nokia intends to maintain its market position with its models and it is not surprising that it intends to launch the music edition of its 6630, a tried and tested UMTS model.

The “6630 Music Edition” is presented with a renewed range of colors and equipped with an RS-MMC memory card with a capacity of 256 Megayte (but why limit yourself with a few hours of music? It can go up to Gigabyte). The bundle obviously includes the Nokia PC Suite application, to which have been added a USB accessory useful for transferring music files to the memory card and an adapter to connect the 6630 pop-port to outputs (headphones, earphones, speakers) equipped with jacks. 3.5mm standard.

However, music lovers who already own a 6630 do not have to think about premature scrapping: Nokia has also thought of them, creating the Nokia Music Pack, that is a kit with the accessories described above, also compatible with the models 3230, 6230, 6230i, 6260, 6620, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7710, 9300 and 9500. The marketing of the Nokia 6630 “music edition” should begin by the end of September.

Nokia’s move is therefore only a confirmation of what is establishing itself as a “custom phenomenon of the new millennium”, just as in the 1980s there was a boom in portable audio cassette players (Walkman and derivatives), followed by readers of CDs and MP3s. The Motorola ROKR E1 is just the emblem of a trend already underway (why carry an iPod and a mobile phone, when we can have all the functions in a single device?) And towards which nobody wants to be left behind (neither manufacturers, nor users). It is very likely that today is for Nokia only a first acceleration in a sector that promises to be in great expansion.