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Mobile phones, in the short term there is no risk

Mobile phones, in the short term there is no risk

Week of publications, in the context of medical research that investigates the side effects of mobile phone use: the results of two studies conducted on mobile phone users come from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, which would reveal the substantial innocence of the mobile phone.

The September International Journal of Neuroscience published the results of a research conducted in the Netherlands on a sample of 300 users, significantly heterogeneous (i.e. made up of frequent, sporadic and non-users) which would show that those who use the mobile phone regularly boasts a high level of concentration, although brain activity demonstrates a slowing of Alpha waves in favor of an increase in Delta and Theta.

This may not seem reassuring, considering that these are symptoms common to people with Alzheimer’s disease, but Dutch scholars tend to highlight a substantial irrelevance in this research, conducted over a relatively short period of time.

The British study conducted by Professor Lawrie Challis, head of the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) Program, a research that spans six years and on in which a good 8.8 million pounds (about 13 million euros) have been invested. However, Dr. Challis put his hands forward, stating that the sample analyzed included a few “historical” users, that is, a few people who had used the mobile phone for 10 years or more: “It is not possible to totally exclude the possibility that a cancer: in general, most cancers take 10 years to manifest “. In the research, Challis added, children were not considered.

However, the investigations continue: a new research program is starting, which will involve 200 thousand users in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, also in this case with the support of the governments of the respective countries and mobile phone companies.