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Microsoft wins in court against Alcatel-Lucent

Microsoft wins in court against Alcatel-Lucent

San Diego – Good news arrives from the San Diego District Court for the big player from Redmond. After receiving the $ 1.52 billion mega-fine for patent infringement on MP3, a court this time rejected Alcatel-Lucent’s lawsuit that Microsoft had no right to distribute Windows Vista outside the United States. United States along with certain speech synthesis technologies that the company owns.

As with MP3, Alcatel-Lucent inherited ownership of the patents of the text-to-speech software integrated into Vista with the acquisition of Bell Laboratories, and is equally committed to the staunch defense of its new properties; especially when the alleged infringements affect a technological and financial giant like the manufacturer of Windows.

Microsoft, however, stated its reasons: Judge Rudi Brewster’s dismissal of the case saved the company from having to deal with further legal headaches just when it is particularly committed to promoting (at home and abroad) its new operating system.

Tom Burt, a consultant from Redmond, took advantage of the court victory to merge the pending issues with Alcatel-Lucent (including the one on MP3), arguing that none of them will ultimately be considered legitimate . “Once there is a judicial review of these complex patent cases, Alcatel-Lucent’s claims will simply no longer stand,” said Burt.

Meanwhile, Alcatel-Lucent’s lawyer has already made it known that the company plans to appeal against the decision of the court.

Alfonso Maruccia