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Microsoft Soapbox is back, and it has brought a friend

Microsoft Soapbox is back, and it has brought a friend

This time in Redmond they were speaking: in March Microsoft had announced two months off for Soapbox the video sharing service released to the public only one month before, in order to provide respect for copyright for uploaded material. Said, done: now Soapbox is back freely accessible by anyone, with a new interface, improved performance but above all with integrated Audible Magic technology for content verification.

The new filter compare the audio of the movies with a database constantly updated: if this corresponds to one of the recorded samples, the user is prevented from publishing the video. Microsoft so hopes to put a stop to the significant amount of pirated material that had crowded the pages of Soapbox in its early days.

Among the most interesting functions of Soapbox is the integration with MSN Messenger : Microsoft’s communications program will count on the fact that the ability to share videos with friends seems to be appreciated.

BigM’s choice to temporarily close Soapbox (or rather to make it a private service) came after the signing of an agreement with NBC for the online distribution of content of the Rupert Murdoch broadcaster.

With the new filters Microsoft hopes to make Soapbox more palatable for content producers and to protect themselves from the vicissitudes that YouTube is experiencing: in the meantime, however, also Google has started integrating Audible Magic in your video portal.

For analysts, YouTube still remains the opponent to beat : without the push of the pirated material that has largely contributed to the growth of the latter, it is unlikely that Microsoft’s service will be able to eroding significant shares market.

Luca Annunziata