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Manhunt 2, a hack reveals violence

Manhunt 2, a hack reveals violence

The subject of global controversy, the landing of Manhunt 2 on the American market is marred these days by a discovery that is not a little embarrassing the producers: the most violent contents of the video game, removed at the request of the US censors, are actually still accessible, just fiddle with the “sweetened” title to transform it into the gore epic that it should have represented from the beginning.

Everyone is understandably talking about it, although it is certainly not the first time that a hack reveals invisible portions of a video game, this time linked to violence, in the past linked to *** and nudity. The problem? In both cases, the distributors of the game are those of Take-two Interactive.

In the USA, in order to be able to meet the parameters of the “US Mature” classification and leave the ghetto of the “Adults Only” one, the producers had resorted to a darkening of the most gruesome materials which, according to the Associated Press, can however be revealed with a hack whose details have not yet been disclosed.

What is certain, however, is that this “hidden option” will not please the video game classification body in the United States, which could at this point be much more severe in deciding the reclassification of the title, already boycotted, as is known, so much in the United Kingdom as well as in Italy for its contents.

On the other hand, precisely following the unveiling of images and aspects of video games already introduced on the market but not originally declared by the producers, the US censorship commission had warned that, if similar problems were to recur, they could fall on the developers. severe penalties . We will see: the battle, which was believed closed, remains open.