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‘Magic: the Gathering Arena’ comes to Android: the famous card game makes the leap to mobile with multiplatform support

“Magic: The Gathering” is by far one of the most popular trading card games in the world. The original physical card game dates from 1993, but its digital version, ‘Magic: the gathering arena‘was released in 2018. However, only so far, in mid-2021, has Wizards of the Coast been encouraged to launch mobile version.

And it is ‘Magic: the Gathering Arena’ has officially landed on Android. It does so in a fairly generous pre-access phase, since it is available in almost all countries and for a good handful of mobiles. However, a number of material conditions must be met. In any case, the game is now accessible and of course completely free.

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One account, all ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’

First of all, the requirements. Initially, MTG Arena will only be available on Android. The iOS version will arrive at the end of the year. The requirements to run it are Android 6.0 or higher, 4 GB of RAM and a Kirin 970 or higher processor, Snapdragon 845 or higher and Exynos 9810 or higher. That is, all high-end Android from three years ago can run it without problem. In any case, it is possible that it works in recent terminals of high-end mid-range.

With that said, let’s talk about the game. ‘MTG Arena’ is a multiplatform gamethat is, we will use the same account that we already use to play on PC or Mac to play on mobile. This means that we can play with any user, no matter what platform they are using, and access our progress and map collection from multiple devices. Exactly the same that already happens in “Hearstone” or “Legends of Runeterra”.

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Wizards of the Coast adapted the interface to make it more accessible on screens. For example, if we click on the battlefield we will minimize the deck to have a better view, and when we click on the deck and on each card, we will see its characteristics. The creation of decks has also been optimized to facilitate the task from a mobile.

‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ is, like the PC and Mac versions, totally free. Now, it should be noted that it has loot boxes (envelopes) that indicate the probability of community cards, mythical cards, etc. Also, you can buy pets, card sleeves, and other cosmetic items. What cannot be purchased are specific cards.

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Download “Magic: The Gathering Arena” | Android

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