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Linux, IBM and Novell together for SMEs

Linux, IBM and Novell together for SMEs

Boston (USA) – IBM and Novell have collaborated to develop two integrated solutions for Linux dedicated to small and medium-sized companies. The two solutions, made up of a collection of middleware software, are designed to integrate with Windows environments.

The two products, called Integrated Stack for Linux and Integrated File and Print Server, will both be based on Novell’s SUSE Linux 9 distribution. The first suite will also include DB2 Express-C and WebSphere Community Edition, while the second will integrate Centeris Likewise, which allows companies to use a Linux-based print server within a Windows network.

The two companies will also launch a joint training program, called First Class, which will prepare companies for the arrival of SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES) 10 and SLES Desktop. the big news of SLES 10 is the integration with Xen virtualization software and the inclusion of a new version of AppArmor, an application-level security service that protects business systems and processes.

Novell says that many users of its NetWare operating system have already planned to migrate to this platform. This is the same user base that IBM, thanks to its partnership with Novell, hopes to attract towards its middleware and collaboration solutions.