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Linkem presents a mobile VoIP solution

Linkem presents a mobile VoIP solution

The range of products and services offered by Linkem extends. Here comes Linkem Voice Rechargeable, an offer that promises the possibility of making calls with VOIP technology from PDAs or mobile phones in all Linkem wi-fi areas.

Prerequisite of the service, smartphone compatibility with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), such as – mentions Linkem – Nokia N80, E61 and E65. As reported in a company press release, in all Linkem hotspots it is possible to use Linkem Voice without purchasing WiFi traffic or authenticating. “The Linkem Voice user – explains the note – does not have to make any additional steps compared to a normal GSM phone call. In fact, it is the telephone that automatically associates itself to the Linkem network and allows the call to be routed over the IP network instead of GSM “.

You can buy Linkem Voice Rechargeable on the Linkem website. These are the “WiFi + Voice” packages available:
– linkem 10 hours, costs 25 euros and includes 10 actual hours of WiFi navigation and 5 euros of Voice calls;
– linkem 25 hours, costs 50 euros and includes 25 hours of WiFi surfing and 5 euros of Voice calls;
– linkem Flat, for 180 euros offers an annual flat WiFi subscription and 10 euros for Voice calls.

After the first purchase, reports Linkem, the user can top up online from the company website with denominations of 10 and 20 euros. Furthermore, in order to receive calls on your mobile phone, as if it were a traditional phone call, it is possible to request the activation of a geographic number (not nomadic), at the cost of a monthly fee of one euro, which will be automatically deducted from the residual credit. account.

To use Linkem Voice on your mobile phone, you need to call the toll-free number 800.080211: you will receive an SMS with the access parameters. The offer can also be used from a computer equipped with a headset and microphone (or USB telephone), using a VoIP client (Linkem mentions for example SjPhone, X-lite, Ekiga) set with the parameters indicated by Linkem. Finally, Linkem Voice can also be used to call from home without using a computer, but with a special VoIP phone or by applying an adapter to the normal home phone.

The rates of the service are detailed at this address.