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Liber Liber frees Music

Liber Liber frees Music

Rome – Friday 16 December from 9.30 am at the Auditorium of the State Discotheque and Audiovisual Museum (via Michelangelo Caetani, 32 in Rome) there will be the presentation of LiberMusica, a Liber Liber project designed for the dissemination of the heritage of copyright free classical, jazz and popular music.

“The true purpose of LiberMusica – reads a note – is to promote listening to music and create new channels and new distribution methods. In fact, we believe that the current channels, managed by a few colossal companies, instead of promoting music, take away space for musicians and freedom of choice for users. With LiberMusica we want to legally distribute millions of music pieces for free, to demonstrate, as we have done with books in recent years, that alternative paths exist and that deserve to be explored with more awareness. In the new technologies we are experimenting with, we see an opportunity and not a threat ”.

The 16th will also be an opportunity for those who want to contribute to LiberMusica, which will start by spreading recordings prior to 1954 and therefore not encumbered by copyright. “If you have a few free hours and you live in Rome – says the note – call us at 06 / 59.14.940, to help us in the more operational aspects (from promoting the conference in the universities of Rome to finding vinyl records from 1954 and previous years) “.

All the info on the dedicated website and in the Liber Liber initiatives section.