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Known issues in Windows 10 Mobile version 10512

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Microsoft has just released Windows 10 Mobile build 10512 with the Rapid Update Ring. This is the sixth version and the company includes a number of enhancements and enhancements, fixes, and various other changes. However, the new version is rolling out for the fast ring, which means that there are still a number of bugs, problems, and few fixes.

Although the software manufacturer makes a new sample of Windows 10 Mobile available, Microsoft advises that there are some known issues that everyone should be aware of before installing build 10512. Below is the list of all known official issues for this release. of the mobile operating system:

  • The mobile hotspot does not work in this build. When sharing the Internet from your phone using Mobile Hotspot, the devices will not be able to obtain a valid IP address from your phone and will not show Internet access.
  • Two-factor authentication for your MSA with a phone number does not work in this build. If you reconfigure your phone and go through the first run experience, you cannot enter more than 2 characters to validate phone or text authentication. If you have a secondary email for two-factor authentication, you can choose this one. As a workaround, add a secondary email for two-factor authentication.
  • Some phones can spend a lot of time on the post-upgrade migration experience; let your phone rest and the migration should complete.
    Apps that use background audio, such as Groove, Podcast, Pandora, etc., will crash on launch after receiving an app update from the Store. Restarting the device will solve this problem.
  • Some phones with a large number of blocks connected to the home screen may get stuck in a state where the device displays “Loading …”; The device will need to be rebooted or reverted to Windows Phone 8.1 using Windows Phone Recovery Tool.
  • Some apps may not be updated through the Store with error code 0x80073cf9; uninstalling the app and reinstalling it will solve this problem.
  • The Movies & TV app will not work on this build (video playback is currently interrupted).

Not all is bad news, you can also check here the news of Windows 10 Mobile build 10512, since the company has already released Windows 10 for desktop, now you can change the focus to the mobile operating system.

Another thing to note is that Microsoft does not include the Insider Hub app with these releases, but the app will be back soon.
Even so, there are still some things that are not working in the latest version, it is another release that brings us closer to the final release, which should arrive in September.

As is always the case with prerelease versions, you should note that the operating system is not ready for daily use and that the previews are intended for testing purposes, so it is not recommended to install a prerelease version of the operating system on your Main phone.

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