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Intratec / Vira informs users

Intratec / Vira informs users

Rome – The conditions in which Italian TLCs find themselves are difficult. The events that have affected Elitel, Telvia and Intratec / Vira are symptoms of a sick market whose effects fall on operators and users. But it is the latter that does not know what to do and would like to know more from its providers. In this context, Intratec’s behavior stands out, communicating updates on the situation to its customers.

Already at the end of July, the company informed its users “about the possible risk of discontinuation of services, possibly caused by decisions of the Telecom Italia operator / supplier related to the ongoing dispute between the companies”. The incumbent had in fact communicated “the intention to proceed with the unilateral interruption of Wholesale services starting from 2 August 2007” and for this reason Intratec had deemed it appropriate to inform users.

The company was subsequently placed in voluntary liquidation and the Liquidator informed the customers on the situation and “on the existence of contacts and negotiations for the possible takeover of other companies in the business branches”. Finally, in recent days, Intratec gave an account of the latest updates on the developments of its situation, in which an important event was expected: the hearing at the TLC Authority for an attempt at conciliation between Telecom Italia and Intratec.

“This hearing in AGCOM – the company communicated to customers – was postponed in order to give the Liquidator, who had assumed the powers a few days ago, the opportunity to study the documents relating to the dispute with Telecom Italia. A request for a postponement had in fact been submitted to AGCOM with this motivation. Accepting the postponement request, AGCOM postponed the hearing to a new date “.

“Basically – continues Intratec – although there are no significant news regarding the Intratec / Telecom Italia dispute, the Company believes it is maintaining transparent information with users since, even in the presence of potential successors in Intratec activities, we are not able, at the moment, to be able to make predictions on the evolution of the dispute or on the decisions of the counterparty. Obviously we hope that everything will turn out for the best, but we wish to present the situation in a transparent way from the point of view of the correctness that the Company intends to maintain towards its customers “.