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Ibai announces the dates of the Ibainéfico 2020 and its first guests

No, even if we have the COVID problem, we will not be left without the Ibainefico 2020.

As has been happening for three years (four with this edition), the content creator Ibai has announced the dates and captains of the event Ibainéfic 2020. Yes, it is still called that, but the boy still does not know how to change his name.

It will be this week and we will have different tournaments, games and events to keep us entertained. Without going any further today will be the selection of players by captains. In total, there will be 10 players for each of the four seeds that will participate. These four have already been announced and are neither more nor less than TheGrefg, Willyrex, DjMaRiiO and Ibai himself.

Among the participants of this edition we will find traditional names such as AuronPlay, Pedrerol, Papo, Coscu or Kun Agüero but the rest (40 people in total) will be announced throughout the day.

The event itself, i.e. events and tournaments, will take place on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 December. It can be followed through the official Ibai Twitch channel and the ultimate goal of the event is get more than 220,000 euros. This figure is the sum total of what was collected in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions combined. It is a very risky sum, of course, but if anyone can get it, it is Ibai. This will not be the first time that this demonstrates the boy’s ability to mobilize when it comes to spoiling everything and securing on the Internet.

This time, Ibainéfico 2020 will collaborate with Unicef to allocate the money collected. They will focus on child poverty, so we encourage you here to do your part. That since we are always putting more bile through social networks (and here), we can compensate a little with something good, right?