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Controlling your music is one of the main features of Apple Watch. But a fun activity is done with the best music apps for apple watch. Since the release of Apple Watch Series 3 in 2017, the device allows you to stream music directly from your watch without the need for an iPhone or iPod.

This is a game changer for runners and fitness enthusiasts, as well as casual listeners who don’t want to carry two devices for their music. But to use this, you will need a music app.

Best Music Apps for Apple Watch

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best music apps for Apple Watch.


The application Apple Music works well as a method to sync your iPhone music libraryand it’s likely to be the first app new Apple Watch owners will turn to.

You can control your playback as well as access songs, albums and playlists right from your wrist. If you have a supported Apple Watch model and an Apple Music subscription, you can stream directly from your watch.

If you are an Apple Music subscriber, the app does pretty much anything you want. Siri integration makes it a great option for hands-free music when working out.


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If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber hoping you can leave your iPhone behind, you’ll be disappointed. Even with the LTE Apple Watch, you still can’t stream Spotify directly.

You’ll findrecently played albums and playlists, as well as a link to your library that includes Spotify’s excellent Discover Weekly playlist. Also, you can play, pause, skip forward and skip back with the app’s playback controls. The app also has support for adding songs to your favorites as well as switching output devices.


Pandora is another music alternative for Apple Watch owners. You can play music on the go, even without your iPhone. Unlike Spotify, Pandora includes offline playback as an option. Recent content loads automatically on your watch when your iPhone is also connected to the same network.

To take advantage of offline playback, you will need to sign up for one of the paid subscriptions. Alternatively, the Plus subscription will only allow you to listen to your three most recent stations when you’re offline.


Deezer is another subscription-based service that Apple Watch users can try. For Deezer Premium subscribers, there are no limitations on how you can use the app. Free users have the same limitations as the iPhone app: you can only play in shuffle mode and skip up to six tracks per hour.

Be careful though: there is no option to download music on Apple Watch offline with the Deezer app. There’s also no way to stream directly to your watch. You’ll need to have your iPhone handy if you want to listen to music.

If you have a Deezer account then the app is a must. But with no offline content and no direct streaming option, you’ll need to keep your iPhone close.


If you prefer your music from radio stations over your own albums and playlists, TuneIn has you covered. You can listen to more than 100,000 radio stations from around the world, as well as podcasts. If you sign up for a Premium subscription, you’ll also get access to live NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games.

Like some of the other apps on this list, TuneIn does not work on youu Apple Watch regardless of youor iPhone. If you want to stream music through your Apple Watch only, you’ll need to use the Apple Radio app.

Please note that TuneIn Premium is an ongoing subscription to access premium content. TuneIn Pro is a one-time purchase that removes banner ads and allows you to record content for offline listening.