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HP relies on Linux clusters

HP relies on Linux clusters

Milan – With the aim of strengthening its position on the Linux server market, HP presented new technologies for clusters and business management.

The new clustering solutions include an integrated cluster for technical computing from 16 to 128 nodes, an enhanced version of the software for server, storage, database and messaging deployment, as well as a “do-it-yourself” clustering kit for Oracle Real Application Clusters.

The new management products for Linux, on the other hand, are aimed at the deployment and management of blade servers, the administration of networks and monitoring of performance in real time and the resolution of any problems.

“IDC research points out that end users see manageability as one of Linux’s weaknesses. HP responds to this need by continuously expanding its Linux portfolio, especially its management products portfolio, ”said Al Gillen, research director, system software at IDC. “We believe HP’s initiative will help increase the penetration of Linux as a mainstream commercial platform.”

Ag today, HP claims it has made over $ 2 billion in systems, software and professional services for Linux. According to IDC, in the first calendar quarter of 2003, the Palo Alto giant became the leader in turnover in the Linux server industry worldwide.