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How to set up Surface Dial in Windows 10

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Surface Dial is a new kind of accessory designed to help you streamline the way you work and create. It is compatible with any PC, laptop or tablet running Windows 10 with Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) support.

With simple presses and turns, this accessory can open your most used shortcuts, controls, drawing tools, and more to keep you focused on your work, rather than wasting time thinking about keyboard shortcuts or menu navigations.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to set up Surface Dial on your Windows 10 Surface Studio, desktop PC, laptop, or tablet. You’ll also get everything you need to know about its features, how to use gestures, and maintenance tips.

  • How to add Surface Dial to Windows 10
  • Customize Surface Dial settings
  • Use Surface Dial gestures
  • How to keep Surface Dial working properly
  • Surface Dial technical specifications

How to add Surface Dial to Windows 10

To pair a Surface Dial with your device using Bluetooth connectivity, do the following:

  1. Opened settings.

  2. click on Devices.

  3. click on Bluetooth.

  4. turn on the Bluetooth Light switch.

  5. Open the bottom of the Surface Dial.

  6. Hold down the pair button.

  7. Select the device on the Bluetooth settings page.

  8. click on the Pair to add Surface Dial to your computer.

After completing the steps, you can start using the accessory immediately.

Customize Surface Dial settings

You can customize its functions in Settings > Devices > Wheeland you can add up to three custom shortcuts to make it more personal.

Surface Dial comes preconfigured with several global controls that work across apps. Some of these shortcuts, including media controls to control volume and play music. And you can even use it to browse playlists or control music on the lock screen.

The accessory offers tactile feedback, a vibration that makes it intuitive to be precise with the controls.

You can also quickly scroll and zoom documents and web pages, undo and redo, adjust screen brightness, and more.

Use Surface Dial gestures

Surface Dial has an intuitive design that requires just three simple gestures, including press and hold, click, and rotate.

Once the accessory is connected to your device, simply “press and hold” to open the menu. “Rotate” to find the tool shortcut you want and “click” to select or use the shortcut.

Some apps only allow you to click to use actions. For example, in the Maps app, you can click to select the tilt, and then switch between aerial and street views.

How to keep Surface Dial working properly

The accessory runs on two AAA alkaline batteries that you can replace by simply opening the bottom.

The bottom of the Surface Dial is also built with stiction, a material that allows it to easily adhere to the screen, just like the Surface Studio.

If you find that the Surface Dial slides more than you’d like, simply wipe off any dust that has accumulated on the underside with a damp cloth, tape, or lint roller with rubbing alcohol.

Surface Dial technical specifications

surface dial
Outdoor Housing: Aluminum
Colour: magnesium
Dimensions Dial: 2.32 x 1.18 in. (59 x 30mm) (depth x height)
Base: 54 x 4 mm (2.12 x 0.15 inches) (D x H)
Weight 145g with batteries
Battery duration Typical 12 months (4 hour daily use)
without thread bluetooth low energy
Frequency: 2.40GHz
Range: 2 meters
Detectable capacitive touch screen (Studio only)
Can 2 AAA alkaline batteries
Characteristics Compatibility: all Windows 10 devices
Long press: for menu
Rotate: Free / continuously (both directions); Resistance torque 0.30 N-cm
Click: Activates a momentary switch with 300g of force; Rotation detection function on up and down button positions
Dynamic Feedback – Provides tactile feedback in software-adjustable increments
On-Screen Sensing: The digitizer touch reports the location on the screen using a capacitive pattern (Studio only)
Applications Blue Ray (Revu)
Drawboard (Drawboard PDF)
Mind Canvas (Mind Canvas Player)
Silicone benders (drawable)
Smith Micro (Mold 12)
Staffpad (StaffPad)
windows (all)
Word, PPT, Excel (Office Win32)
OneNote (UWP version)
windows maps
groove music
pew shooter
Microsoft Photos
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  • SurfaceStudio | View in Microsoft

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