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How can I mask my IP address when people access my website – Page 2

Nobody hosts their own domain NAME. You host the files that create the site and the DNS name server points the domain name (alias) to where those files are stored (your IP. When you register a domain name and indicate where the website is hosted, the The registrar creates pointers to that IP address and then notifies all the other DNS name servers around the world where to look for the files.This process is called propagation.

What you have done is use a proxy service ( to register your domain name instead of an actual registrar like Network Solutions or one of many others. All your proxy service has done for you is to register the domain name for themselves (point to them), then create a frameset on your server by redirecting the content of the internal frame to your computer. Many browsers see that they redirect and mark your site as a phishing site or simply block access to it. And it is the use of that frameset file that they are using that is revealing their IP address. So if you can’t get THEM to change the frameset, there is nothing you can do to mask your IP. At least not the way things are now.

What you MUST do is move the domain name registration, if you actually own the name, to a reputable domain name registrar and cancel service with If you really don’t own that name, please register a new one and get it done the right way.

Personally, I use Network Solutions as a registrar and host my files… ummm… elsewhere. The host I use provides the DNS name server and knows where MY files are stored on their server. Then they do automatic redirection of all web queries to my folder. That DNS name server is what you don’t have because it is not a registered DNS name server. And, it is very expensive to install one. So if you used Network Solutions as a registrar and you ask them to provide the DNS name server when you sign up, they will take care of notifying all other DNS name servers around the world so everyone knows where to look for the files ( your website.

And by the way, you don’t have to host your own website just to keep your domain name what you want it to be. In other words, you don’t have to have a domain name that looks like ~ Everybody’s website is really like this anyway. Well actually it’s a bunch of IP numbers that translate to ~ which is actually your top-level folder on the server, but that’s something else. Anyway, it is the domain name registry and the DNS name servers used that are in charge of pointing everyone to the right place when they type The rest is all transparent to the “viewer.”

And, one last thing. Have you typed in your IP in a web browser from outside your home and seen what happens? Try it. Then see the source code for the page. You will notice that it is the files that YOU have control over and not the frameset provided by that silly proxy server you are using. In other words, I can connect directly to YOUR computer from here and all I had to do was look at the source of the page to see its IP. This is not a very safe way to operate. Whatever you paid for that proxy service was too much.

And, I see that you are using Frontpage to make your code. Anyone with a clue on how Frontpage creates websites can access its hidden files and folders without a password. You are very open. I just did, but I won’t tell you how. I also tried to connect via FTP with you and your server responded. If I had wanted to take the time to break your password, I would have been on your computer with the ability to change anything that you wanted to change. I guess the name of your folder was easy.

So are you SURE you want to host your own website? Do you really want to take that risk? There are hosting companies that charge very little to host things for you and you don’t end up with a flaky domain name like ~ ALL good hosts have DNS name servers.

So all you have to do is pay a good hosting company to host your website, and then pay a reputable domain name registrar to point everyone to that host, which it will be the server of your web page. The hosting company I use charges $ 60 (US) per year, less per site when you host multiple sites with them. That’s a whopping $ 5 a month or less for a host. Additional expenses are the domain name registrar, such as Network Solutions, but there are other top-level registrars with good reputations. If you register the domain name for 5 years, I think the price is about $ 20 per year. That’s a whopping 80 euros a year to have security and many other services, such as databases and programming language support that you don’t have right now.

Better to rethink the whole “host my own site” thing. It is not worth the hassle.

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