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HighScore / Sony, Cell and high definition

HighScore / Sony, Cell and high definition

Rome – In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Howard Stringer, Sony CEO for eight months, illustrated his company’s plans to conquer the market through the introduction of a vast compendium of high-definition devices, including PlayStation 3. While obviously not going into detail, Stringer’s words leave ample room for interesting speculation and conjecture.

In confirming that the Cell processor will be the heart of a whole series of next-generation products, Stringer emphasized the fact that Sony production takes care of every stage of creating and enjoying multimedia content, from cameras, projectors, televisions to to get to the PS3. According to Stringer, who compared the Sony line up to a string of pearls in this aspect, here lies the uniqueness and strength of Sony, whose product line allows you to enjoy content as it is created, thanks to the intimate relationship. between devices, concluding that Sony’s strategy for high definition (HD) video will become clearer in the future.

Stringer’s subsequent words seem to indicate that Sony has a series of interoperable devices in store which, according to Stringer himself, should be released to bridge the time gap that separates the PS3 release. Stringer did not give any further details about the nature of these devices, but it is easy to assume that they are portable multimedia players aimed at opposing rivals such as the iPod and other such devices.

Speaking of Blu-ray, Stringer pointed out that Sony’s proprietary format offers more advanced features than the competition, a factor that, according to Sony’s CEO, will ensure it wins.
According to Stringer, in fact, it is necessary to face the advent of HD with more innovative products (or “exotic”, as the CEO of Sony called them), while labeling the competing technology as “transitional” and placing another brick in the wall that divides the different visions that Microsoft and Sony have for the next generation.

Stringer also confirmed that the desire to impose the Blu-ray format is behind the decision to include it in the PS3, for which initial sales are expected in the order of 20 million units. Another Sony executive stated that the Japanese company is aware that PS3 will be sold at a loss for the first 6 or 12 months, but that despite this the final sale price could be decidedly aggressive towards that of Xbox 360, forecasting figures. between $ 300 and $ 400 (below what others feared)

Stringer concluded the interview by declaring that in his opinion the key to success in the next generation of consumer devices lies in quality and innovation. According to Stringer, audiences will want to reproduce any type of content produced by anyone, and this will put Sony in a position to prevail in future competition.

Source: HighScore.it