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From TRE the Treo 750 with Windows Mobile

From TRE the Treo 750 with Windows Mobile

Milan – TRE does not just mean video calls and TV on mobile phones and the company intends to demonstrate this by presenting the Palm Treo 750 smartphone offered with Mail3: an integrated push e-mail offer dedicated to business customers with an HSDPA smartphone.

The Treo 750 smartphone offers email, messaging, navigation and personal organization software services. With the Windows Mobile operating system, users can work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF presentations. There is also Microsoft Pocket MSN, for accessing MSN Instant Messaging services, and the support offered by Outlook Mobile. The appliance is equipped with a touch-screen display.

For the Treo 750 smartphone (pictured), Palm has developed some software enhancements to help the user. Among these are highlighted:
– visualization of text and MMS messages in sequence;
– Enhanced Today Screen to make calls using the “dial by name” option with a few keystrokes on the keyboard, to launch a web search directly from the Today Screen and to make quick calls through one-touch keystrokes on the photos;
– ability to manage a call directly from the Today Screen, to access the voice-mail using icons similar to those of the VCR, such as the rewind, delete and fast-forward controls for easy navigation;
– possibility to ignore a call by sending a message such as “I’m in a meeting” or “I can’t speak at the moment”, selecting the “Ignore with text” option that appears on the display with an incoming call.

The Mail3 service has a monthly cost of 10 euros and offers 100 MB of data traffic per month under TRE coverage, as well as 5MB per month under national GPRS coverage (better contain the download of attachments). TRE business customers will be able to have a Treo 750 Smartphone with Mail3 (equipped with a Bluetooth headset) by paying a contribution of 199 euros when subscribing to the B.Magic rate plan, or (in promotion until 30 April 2007) at no cost by subscribing the B.easy and PowerFull tariff plans. There is also a monthly fee (including technical assistance) of 15 euros if you choose the InRent rental formula, and of 9 euros with the InRent.24 formula.

Consumer users will also be able to have a Treo 750 smartphone, at the price of 199 euros for those who subscribe to a postpaid tariff plan, and at the price of 249 euros for those who choose a prepaid tariff plan.