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Finland, thousands of compromised passwords

Finland, thousands of compromised passwords

They call themselves ZeroPoint and The Magical Pink Bear the crackers who in the past few hours have first violated the database of a large Finnish forum, and then published everywhere user-id, password and email of almost 79 thousand accounts raised around the web.

“We cracked 78 thousand (ok, almost 79 thousand) accounts throughout the network” the two ironically in a press release, contained in the same text file uploaded to warez, sharing sites (from which it was promptly removed ) and then made available also in the form of a torrent: “We are happy to share them with you”. And they conclude, with a hint of sarcasm directed at the victims: “They are mainly Finnish accounts, perhaps it is better to write this prologue also in Finnish”.

Traces of the passage of the two crackers they are also available elsewhere on the net, such as in this DeviantArt profile. A couple of fake images, a couple of discounted phrases: “rmember to keep ur passwards saef”, remember to keep your passwords safe.

As Ars Technica points out, the problem lies in the fact that very often users use the same password and the same username to access different services : Once you bypass the protections of one, other accounts will be at risk. An issue that concerns individuals, but often also companies.

Apparently the two rascals are enthusiastic about the wrongdoing. They even plan a sequel: “You’ll hear about us again sooner than you think. So don’t worry: if you’re not on the list, wait for the next release ”.

Luca Annunziata