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Europe, the new licenses of industrial music

Europe, the new licenses of industrial music

London – The record industry presents it as a great leap forward: it is the agreement for the opening of two new licensing models on music distribution in Europe, which could multiply digital initiatives and profits for the sector.

The international organization of phonographers IFPI talked about it in recent days: instead of having to obtain authorizations and agreements with individual copyright collection companies, such as the Italian SIAE, the service providers they will be able to enter into agreements with only one of these , while covering the territories of all the other companies adhering to the agreement. This can facilitate the creation of new services, desired by the industry in search of new profits on the Internet, and bypass the current cumbersome system. In other words, each collection company will be able to license materials that are managed by other companies that adhere to the new licenses.

The two new licensing models concern in particular Internet and mobile services , both as regards the new repertoires and for what has already been transmitted or published. “Broadcasters and online music services – IFPI specifies – will in any case continue to approach record companies directly to obtain licenses”.

It is not a question of goat’s wool but of doubloons: up to now the rights on each territory, in this case the countries of the European economic area, had to be negotiated one by one. Dropping this obligation also creates one unprecedented competition between collection companies : being able to contact any of the members, the ad hoc service providers will choose the one most capable of providing fast, complete and efficient services. This, according to IFPI, will not scare the SIAE counterparts, so much so that phonographers expect that in the most relevant music markets no less than 40 of those companies will sign the new licensing models.

It must be said that for a long time SIAE and its counterparts in Europe have been looking for new ways to infra-European licenses, also to respond to the injunctions of the European Commission on this front. A situation that the IFPI proposal seems to unblock upstream.