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E758 and E760, the Samsung … psychics

E758 and E760, the Samsung … psychics

Rome – In presenting the new E758 and E760, Samsung intends to recall concepts that intersect oriental philosophy, essentiality, technology, harmonized by design and functions which, ultimately, must capture the attention of the customer, who must remain captivated by their appeal.

The new SGH-E758 is a “bivalve” measuring 88 x 44.5 x 22.8 mm and weighing almost 100 grams, equipped with a 1.3 megapixel digital camera and two displays: one internal TFT with 262 thousand colors (176 × 220 pixels) and an external circular, OLED, which supports 65 thousand (96 × 96 pixels).

Next to the latter there is a small metal button (M-Button), which controls the internal sensors. Pressing the button, followed by a particular movement of the hand (which must be pre-set and programmed on the mobile phone), allows the control of some functions of the device, such as playing the songs of the integrated MP3 player or activating games.

The internal memory, useful for photos and multimedia files, is 86 MB. Do not miss the Bluetooth connectivity.
The SGH-E760 has, like its brother E758, a modern design. Also in this model the M-Button with the sensor for the recognition of the three-dimensional movement, the 1.3 Megapixel camera, the video camera that records Mpeg4 clips, the internal display with 262 thousand colors from 176 × 220 pixels , MP3 / AAC and AAC + player, 64-voice polyphonic ringtones, Bluetooth.

The memory capacity is slightly higher, 96.5 MB.