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Crack 911 and operate the SWATs

Crack 911 and operate the SWATs

There is some resounding in the security and verification systems of American 911, the emergency telephone service. It was enough for a 19-year-old cracker to fiddle with his computer for 911 to mobilize an entire SWAT department and send him to brutally wake up an unsuspecting American family.

According to the reports, the young Randall Ellis would have falsified his identity thanks to an electronic hacking, making the 911 switchboards believe that he was in the middle of a shooting, an attack by a drug addict who threatened to shoot his sister. The shooting that the agents believed was really taking place, which is why they alerted the emergency departments.

They arrived not at the cracker’s house but 750 miles away, at the home of a family who was awakened by the arrival of the agents.

Now Ellis is called to attend a hearing in which he will be charged with crimes ranging from unauthorized access to a computer system to fraud, falsification, lying in reporting a crime and others.

What may appear even more disturbing is that, according to investigators, the 911 has been duped by Ellis on several other occasions: at least 5 times the SWAT agents have been sent around by the cracker. An activity that now even has a name: “SWATing”.