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Coop closer to mobile telephony

Coop closer to mobile telephony

The mobile telephone prefix that will distinguish Coop users could be 3311. Yes, because according to some rumors in circulation in this period, the well-known network that manages supermarkets and hypermarkets would be ready to enter the world of telephony soon.

It is no surprise: that Coop had this intention was news last summer. Today, however, the times to implement the project seem close to maturity: Coop, as reported by the newspaper laRepubblica and reported by the blog Tel & Co, would in fact have declared itself ready to debut among mobile phones, with a press release addressed to Agcom and Antitrust.

In this TLC adventure, Coop will need a “real” mobile operator, moreover already identified in TIM, with whom the group has an ongoing partnership agreement for a commercial offer linked to a specific rechargeable card offered in co-branding, the Coop-TIM Award-winning RicariCard.

The rumors seem to give the news a flavor of officialdom, even if it is necessary to report how the same Coop, consulted by the editorial staff of Punto Informatico, specified: “We are dealing with the entry into virtual telephony”, adding that “at the moment the negotiations with TIM are at an advanced stage, but nothing is definitive yet ”.