Facebook slips into the BlackBerry

AMD breathes new life into Transmeta

RIAA bleeds into lawyers

New Mexico, RIAA crashes into a wall

The majors on the hunt dive into the ringles

Spam brings the Bay into play

The projector that slips into shorts

Bob Metcalfe inducted into the USA Hall of Fame

How do I transform your images into 3D

2008, HD DVD jumps into cars

Office 2003 breaks into an ActiveX

VMware slips into USB sticks

Bollywood also wants to get into mobile phones

The robot’s eye chased him into the sewers

Honda launches into traffic voyeurism

Toshiba stuffs 100GB into 1.8 inches

eBay slips the auctions into Vodafone cells

Any surface transformed into a touchpad

China will launch tourists into space

Intel dragged into the Iranian boycott?

The new Lotus fits into the iPod

Linux tries to make its way into institutions

BREW slips into TIM cell phones

Will Elitel turn users into foneros?

Skype, toolbar to integrate into Office

Elitel dives into entertainment with C-Factory

Skype built into SanDisk drives

Chip to graft into criminal pedophiles

Washington breathes new life into Big Brother

Kirk will not go into space

Google blends AJAX into the bottle

Google launches into video advertising

IBM transforms WebSphere into the emblem of Web 2.0

Apple launches into computer recovery

They’re going to shove JFK into some tera

The cell phone that slips into your wallet