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Best Website Builder of 2018


Best Website Builder of 2018

Build your business online in minutes

A website builder can help you create something from a simple one page site to a professional web store, even if you have no design or HTML background. Whether it is a sole trader or a multinational, almost every business needs an online presence, that is, a website.

Even if you don’t sell products online, a site can help people find you, learn more about your skills and services, and share your information with other potential customers. It’s like having a permanent personal assistant, always on call, ready to answer questions. And it can even be free

More experienced users can customize and adjust the design to suit their needs, or install a more traditional web design package that allows them to create the perfect site from scratch.

There are free options, but they often have significant restrictions, including limits on the size of the site and the absence of any possibility to use your own domain.

Fortunately, the commercial options are very reasonably priced, ranging from $ 3 to $ 6 per month, including hosting.

To help you decide which option best suits your needs, we have selected the best of the best: they are the Top Five Players In Today’s Web Design World.

1. Wix

Wix has over 100 million registered users

Fast, easy and powerful website creation

Wix is ​​one of the most popular online website designers, offering a wide range of plans and products. The free version is Wix-branded, limited storage space (500MB) and bandwidth, but it moves to the most popular plan (unlimited) and there are no ads from Wix. You’ll get unlimited bandwidth (hence the name) and 10GB of storage, as well as a free domain, Google advertising vouchers, and much more. The eCommerce plan adds an online store with 20GB of storage for a reasonable $ 16.50 (£ 12.30) a month.

An excellent collection of over 500 models allows the design process to get started quickly. The drag and drop editor offers you all kinds of tools and features to explore – an image editor, video backgrounds, animations, social buttons, an integrated website blog – everything can be modified, tweaked, and redesigned.

All the basic editing features are very cleverly designed and work more like a native app than your current website builder. Wix has some weaknesses, as technical support seems a bit slow and limited in some respects. But there is no denying that the gorgeous editor and range of high-end templates make it easy to create impressions through website building.

2. 1 & 1 MyWebsite

A solid offer, but not cheap and complete

There are a lot of things we might like here in terms of a powerful drag-and-drop editor with professional features and highly customizable templates, but let’s be clear at first that this isn’t the cheapest service.

There is no free plan (or even a trial plan – although there is a 30-day money-back guarantee), and the simplest plan is $ 3.75 per month for the first year and $ 8.75 thereafter.

This gives you an unlimited number of pages and web spaces, a simple integrated blog, limited referencing settings, as well as website backup and restore functions.

That said, MyWebsite 1 & 1 offers a wide range of responsive templates and an editor that provides tons of potential tweaks and configurations, all with plenty of visual feedback and context menus to streamline the entire process. The smart thing here is that the high-level tips are easy for beginners to use and understand, but expert users can dig deeper into the menus to really play around and customize the items.

Other useful features include the ability to point to your old website to import media content directly to your new site. This could represent a considerable time saver for some. There is no ecommerce plan here, but there is a separate range of eShop 1 and 1 for this feature (though it costs more, from $ 12.50 to £ 9.99 per month, and 27 to £ 19.99 per month.

1 & 1 Website Builder for $ 6.99 per month

3. Weebly

Another powerful site builder with some smart templates

Weebly is another big name in the world of web design that offers a powerful editor and a powerful set of features. There is a free plan that, like Wix, limits space to 500MB and places ads on your site.

However, if you move to the starter plan – at $ 8 per month – the ads and storage limit are removed, you get a free domain and even a web store that contains up to 10 products. The Overloaded Business Plan allows you to create sites with unlimited online store products and high-end store features, such as product reviews and discount coupons, at a price of $ 25 per month.

The service offers hundreds of professionally designed web templates, covering almost all types of websites. The drag and drop editor is well designed, even if you don’t have full control over the placement of items on the page, and the interface can look a bit cluttered. Another downside is that there is no global override feature.

Like Wix, we found technical support a bit shaky in terms of slow responses, but Weebly offers a host of powerful features, very elegant templates, and easy access to free images for your site is another definite plus.

Weebly Website Builder for $ 8 a month

4. Flow

Provide the power an experienced builder needs

As we’ve seen, many website designers target beginners and make life easier for the less experienced, but what about experts who want powerful low-level control? These are the users that Voog has in mind.

So there aren’t many templates here, for example, and you get a modicum of media support – but what you do get is a compact drag-and-drop editor that does everything it can to get around it. There are weaknesses here, and the interface is a bit clunky in this regard – and it’s another one that doesn’t have a global undo feature – but has real analytical power.

For example, clicking on a text box allows you to use bulleted lists, insert tables or videos, or even modify the HTML code to customize the effects.

Voog also allows multiple users to easily collaborate on a site project, and if you’re looking for unusual features like these, you won’t see them anywhere else.


The basic package is priced at $ 7.40 per month (billed annually) and gives you 2GB of storage, as well as all the essential features you need, including SSL security. If you know what you’re doing in terms of website design and want real power and customization capabilities, you can take a 30-day trial (no credit card details required)

Voog Website Builder for $ 7 a month

5. Jimdo

An original offer with an exceptionally generous free plan

Jimdo is a website editor Quite strange, mainly aimed at novice users, but it’s worth getting your attention for a number of reasons, including a free plan that’s not limited to average.

Yes, there are the usual limitations, including advertising, a 500MB storage limit, non-custom domains, and very limited referencing. But there are some features that you won’t find in other free packages, like a password protected area, and very basic e-commerce support for up to five products.

The site editor itself is simple and consistent, although its design is somewhat unusual. Also, the editor doesn’t have as many functions and features as some competitors. For example, there are not many models, and the widgets offered are not as numerous as those to be found elsewhere – and there is no global cancellation (although Jimdo is not alone in this regard.

Another nice touch is a good knowledge base on the web, which means help is often at hand when it comes to troubleshooting. Overall, it’s a compelling product, and if you want to experience a simple online store for free, Jimdo is worth it.

Jimdo Web Design for $ 7.50 a month