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Bedlam in Japan when new PS5 stock hits Tokyo retailer

There was total chaos at a Tokyo retailer overnight, when new stocks of the PlayStation 5 arrived with insufficient supply. Since its launch last November, Sony’s new console has been nearly impossible to find around the world, but Japan has been particularly short, with hardware sales lagging even behind those of the Nintendo Wii U in line with the launch.

Kotaku reports, however, that the Yodobashi Camera electronics mega store in Akihabara sold a bunch of new systems today, and all **** broke loose. We don’t even need to describe the scenes, because you can see them for yourself, thanks to the embedded video below:

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My God !!!! Yodobashi ps5– Dave Gibson ⠿ POKEMON🗼 (@AJapaneseDream) January 30, 2021

In the end, things got so bad that the police were called and system sales stopped. So what happened? Well, obviously, as already noted, action is scarce. But this was compounded by the fact that the Akihabara branch of Yodobashi Camera in question did not require the use of the retailer’s black credit card to purchase equipment, a regulation put in place to help thwart resellers.

Additionally, the store distributed numbered tickets on a first-come, first-served basis to potential buyers. In the past, giveaways were offered, where those who have their number called have the option of purchasing a system. Obviously, all of these circumstances contributed to the scenes you see above.

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It’s worth noting that all of this happened at a time when the Japanese government implemented a state of emergency due to the ongoing pandemic, and Tokyo is unsurprisingly the worst-hit city in the country.

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