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Baby-gang kidnaps cell phone to demand ransom

Baby-gang kidnaps cell phone to demand ransom

Pesaro – It is a case of “baby mobile ransom” that occurred in the province of Pesaro last week: three children stole a cell phone from a 12-year-old while he was in the swimming pool. With the intention of returning it, perhaps, but only upon payment of a ransom .

The baby-gang was made up of a 13-year-old from Montelabbate and two 14-year-olds of Maghreb origin. The Carabinieri of the Montecchio station investigated the fact, discovering that the theft was materially carried out by the youngest of the three, while the victim was in fact in the swimming pool. One of the cronies then sent an SMS to the mother’s phone number, perhaps posing as the son, asking to be called back.

The woman called her cell phone, surprisingly discovering that it was not her son who answered, but one of the three mini-bandits, who claimed to be in possession of her son’s cell phone, demanding the payment of a ransom of a few hundred euros .

It was not difficult for the military personnel, to whom the woman reported the incident, to track down the three “kidnappers”, since they used the cell phone without obviously knowing how easy it can be to locate the position of a cell phone, especially if in operation, with only some approximation. The three were reported to the Ancona juvenile court on charges of theft for extortion purposes.

Dario Bonacina