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And Apple drops the new iPods

And Apple drops the new iPods

San Francisco (USA) – Everyone was waiting for the new incarnations of the iPod, and expectations were not disappointed. On the occasion of the special event held yesterday in San Francisco by the charismatic owner of Apple, Steve Jobs, the new models were announced that will renew the entire line of famous Apple MP3 players.

The most delicious novelty is given by the expected hybrid between iPod and iPhone, iPod Touch , which inherits a 3.5-inch touch-screen display and multi-touch interface from its mobile “cousin”. The player, which is practically an iPhone without telephony functionality, has a thickness of only 8 millimeters and integrates a WiFi antenna 802.11b / g which allows him to connect to a WLAN and browse the Internet through … Safari . And yes, because just like the iPhone, the new iPod Touch also includes an embedded version of Apple’s browser which, among other things, integrates the search services Google Search and Yahoo! oneSearch. Apple also provides an application that allows you to browse YouTube and play its videos. And speaking of video, even iPod Touch allows, like the iPhone before it, to play movies in wide-screen mode.

Jobs announced an exclusive agreement with Starbucks that will allow US users to access the iTunes WiFi Music Store for free in participating Starbucks food chain stores. When the user enters an affiliated Strabucks, their iPod touch or iPhone (or PC or Mac with on iTunes) will automatically recognize “iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store”, and the user will be able to see which song is playing at that moment, or which one has just been played in the shop, and can immediately download a clip or purchase it via WiFi.

Apple declares for iPod Touch a autonomy of about 22 hours in audio playback and 5 hours in video playback. The player will be available starting from September 28 all over the world in 8 or 16 GB versions: the price is respectively 299 and 399 euros.

THE new iPod Classic , all with full metal cases, are now available with 80 or 160 GB hard drives and, compared to their predecessors, are thinner. The declared autonomy is 30 hours and the interface adopts the Cover Flow feature of the iPhone, which allows you to browse the album covers with a 3D effect.

iPod Classic is expected to deliver up to 40 hours of audio playback and 7 hours of continuous video playback. Its price is 249 euros for the version with 80 GB hard disk and 349 euros for the 160 GB version.

The new iPod nano inherits the same interface as its older brother, and compared to its predecessor it is thinner (6.5 mm) and has a larger (2 inches more), brighter and higher resolution screen (320 x 240 pixels). Available in different colors – silver, black, blue, green and in a special red edition – the playerino is sold in the 4 or 8 GB version at the price, respectively, of 149 and 199 euros.

Apple has finally updated the “little one of the house”, the iPod shuffle now available in new colors (including red) but with the same memory capacity as its predecessors.

Finally, it should be noted that the 4 GB iPhone is out of production, and the 8GB model was discounted by a whopping $ 200 and now costs $ 399.