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All against the government license fee

All against the government license fee

After the abolition of top-up costs on prepaid credit, the attention of consumers has shifted to other heavy taxes, among which the government grant tax requested by the State for users with a subscription contract.

An imposition disliked by users, on which the Movimento Difesa del Cittadino returns to office today and joins the chorus of voices asking for the definitive one abolition .

“A useless and now outdated tax, the elimination of which would be to the total advantage of consumers” declares MDC, which asks Parliament to approve the amendment to the budget presented by Senator Francesco Ferrante (Ulivo) for the elimination of the tax.

“It is a tax – recalls the association – which was introduced at the beginning of the nineties to target a consumption considered more voluptuous than useful and then considered almost a status symbol. Today this tax affects mobile phone subscribers indiscriminately, since the mobile phone has now become an asset within everyone’s reach, and has a significant impact on the fixed costs borne by them. Among other things, Italy is the only country in the European Union with a tax of this type “.

“Users must be able to know (and pay) only the cost of the services actually used, without taxes and hidden costs” concludes MDC, which outlines a path made up of a few (but predictably long) steps towards market freedom: “The last an important step will be to abolish the connection fee “.