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ADUC: Atac mobile does not solve the problems

ADUC: Atac mobile does not solve the problems

The advanced Atac mobile information system, activated experimentally this week in Rome, does not receive the approval of ADUC. Faced with the implementation of the new service, the association highlights the unresolved problems of city mobility and circulating public transport.

“Smoke in the eyes. This is how we could define the project of the municipality of Rome called Atac Mobile – declares ADUC – With this program you will have real-time news on the city viability, they say in the Municipality: with your mobile phone you can get news on waiting times in monitored stops, on those for traveling along the Lungotevere and Muro Torto (a street in Rome with a high traffic density) and on how to get to your destination by bus and subway. This simplifies the life of the Romans, declares the Mayor, Walter Veltroni ”.

“There is only a very small detail – the association points out – what is the use of having news on buses and subways if these are not there? What good is it to know that the bus will arrive 20 minutes late if the buses are few and poorly maintained? What is the point of knowing how long we should wait, due to traffic, if the mobility of public transport is not privileged? “.

Aduc seasons the questions with a criticism of the investment: “A million euros was spent to set up this useless information system when those funds could be used to acquire new buses or prepare new reserved lanes. In short, the problem of mobility in Rome remains unanswered and revolves around the dilemma with useless and expensive facade operations “.