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8300 Daytona, a new BlackBerry?


8300 Daytona, a new BlackBerry?

Some rumors report a new BlackBerry ready to be launched on the market by Research In Motion. Distinguished by the code name Daytona, it could however be marketed under the code 8300, more in line with the range already in the price list.

There are various sources on the Net that talk about it, from ZDnet to Engadget. However, all refer to the Spanish blog MentesDigitales, which in this post shows images of what is presented as the prototype of the PDA-phone.

The BlackBerry 8300 reportedly sports a 2 Megapixel camera, WiFi connectivity and a GPS module. A video would also refer to the same device, published on YouTube by the author of Menteunales, which ensures that it is an 8300 Daytona “disguised” as a BlackBerry 8800. To ascertain the truth, it will still be necessary to wait for official details from RIM. The video, however, is below.