Myanmar, phone calls to protesters

HP PCs write Blu-ray and HD DVD

Weinberger attempts to promote NYTimes

Intratec / Vira informs users

SCO at risk of bankruptcy

Nanotech, blows pastetta air

Daewoo marries Blu-ray and DivX 6

The new iPods spit on the penguin

The pin that embarrasses the giant TLC

Schwarzy: no to cell phones in the car

ADUC pulls the Telecom jacket

What is happening in Microsoft Italy?

Trolltech says goodbye to Greenphone

A helicopter made of wreckage

A website against autism

How many feeders do you have? I’ll tell you who you are

Oracle fixes 51 flaws

Metamaterials for a new frontier

The metamondo of commerce made in China

Linux to give hope to the slums

Finland, thousands of compromised passwords

Incredible? Even .mobi domains are selling like hot cakes

PD, the candidate blogger speaks

Florence-Pisa-Livorno on 3G mobile phones

Italy is … cartocratic

An 18K Samsung for the Olympics

Game designers of the future? Now they play role-playing

Forgotten technologies

The phantom vibrations here is the band for P2P

Do you use my news? I’ll sue you

Reported, self-obscures

Fixed-mobile, there is convergence

Do you use P2P without blacklisting? Big risks

Grooveshark, make music and earn. Via P2P

The Nokia N95 8 GB is being delivered

Will Verizon Sell User Traffic Data?

Robots will love men

Brain waves to enter avatars

Does a patent threaten the Linux world?

Hard disk, Hitachi announces the (r) evolution

Dell enthusiastic about enterprise Linux

Hi-tech, a challenge to consumption

The first Expo Safety & Security Forum

OLPC, the CPU is made by Intel

Radiohead at 1.3 million

Interpol: pedomaniac identified

Libreka! The book search that publishers like

Novell fires the creators of AppArmor

Motorola, now employees on (almost) free leave

SETI has telescopes, only aliens are missing

Streamit, more TV less Internet?

Plone Conference, three days on the future of the web

Pupils empowered by video games

Passwords crack with the GPU

Server market, Linux in reverse

RAEE, a conference in Rimini

AT&T, 600 free hot spots for California

Apple: no to the blue screen of death

Asus hatches the Eee Handheld

RAI license, all against

ANORC, association of archiving staff

Hunt for pedophiles on the net

UK, Microsoft undigested in schools?

A real tornado in a museum

From Bridgestone 24 inches of e-paper. Coloured

Milan, 4 P2P uploaders caught, galactic fines

I am not an evil genius

I lost a piece of myself

At the end of October the Glofiish X800

Why fear the Russian Business Network

Microsoft will fix the URI flaw

Samsung presents its new Rock & Call

When the mobile is a personal trainer

Seeweb, chronicle of an attack

899, seizures for fraud

Pedoweb, Italy-France blitz

Microsoft at iPhone school?, Pirate Bay Mocks Phonographs

MS Italia, deafness and research

Five years inside. For spam

Beijing pushes on the culture of self-censorship

The many digital eyes of Nissan

Vista, Dutch ultimatum to Microsoft

The charge of the Piratow

China, no laptop, no addiction?

A laser that reads you inside

Nokia, the E90 Communicator is not working

.Asia domains left

Ballmer: Red Hat users are indebted to us

Telecom victim of a 350 thousand euro fraud

Nokia N810, fewer phones and more tablets

Kaspersky buggers its online scanner

He is 90 years old and 90 SIM

Anti-piracy courses in the lagoon

The BlackBerry 8707g comes with THREE

Lead-free electronics killed by tin?

The iPhone will no longer be just Apple stuff

Mediaset warns the online video recorder

IBM, free movement between metworlds