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How to Upgrade Heirlooms in World of Warcraft


If you’re wondering how to upgrade heirlooms in World of Warcraft, there are several easy steps you can follow. First, you need to right-click the heirloom you want to upgrade. This will bring up the heirloom collection tab. There, you can see the different heirlooms you can upgrade. It’s also important to note that you cannot upgrade physical heirlooms.

Xabidar’s Heirloom List

The best way to find all the heirlooms you’ll ever need is to consult Xabidar’s Heirlof List. It’ll tell you how much each item costs and which vendors sell them. It will also tell you where to find the best deals.

There are many advantages to using heirlooms. For example, you can use them to level up alternate characters faster. The heirlooms will increase in strength as your characters level. You can mail these items to alts to use them as they level. Additionally, they give you experience bonuses, which is extremely helpful when leveling. Most heirlooms will give you 5% or 10% bonus experience for every level of the character that is wearing them.

Most Heirlooms can be purchased for Gold from Heirloom Curator Vendors. Alliance players can find these vendors in Ironforge and Horde players can find them on the top of Orgrimmar’s entrance gates. However, most purchasable Heirlooms will only scale up to Level 29, and they will need to be upgraded with special items from Heirloom Curators, such as Armor Casings and Scabbards.

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One thing to keep in mind is that heirlooms can be enchanted to give them more benefits. Enchants of level one or higher can be applied to heirlooms, as long as they are not soulbound items. Enchants applied below this level will scale down and will not cause any damage.

Level 80 heirlooms

One of the best ways to speed up the leveling process in World of Warcraft is to upgrade your heirlooms. You can upgrade most of your level 80 heirlooms to level 85 for a small fee. This will increase the level of your heirlooms and make them more powerful. However, enchanting your heirlooms will also make them soulbound. You should consider these options carefully before you begin enchanting your heirlooms.

You can purchase heirlooms with guild gold. However, you need to be in a guild with the appropriate level and achievement to purchase them. You can also get level 85 heirlooms with Justice Points, which you can earn by doing lower-level raids and dungeons.

Once you have leveled your character, you can start upgrading your heirlooms. You can upgrade the same type of heirloom four times. Currently, heirlooms can only be upgraded to level 80 once, so be sure to buy them when your character is at least level 40.

When upgrading your heirlooms, make sure you enchant them with high-level enchants. You can buy heirloom enchants from Lillehoff or various faction quartermasters. You can also mail them to alts in your account. By doing this, you can use these enchants on your alts without having to worry about soulbinding your items.

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You can get a 10% experience boost with heirloom chestpieces. You can buy them from vendors in Dalaran or win them as prizes in the Darkmoon Faire. You can also buy heirloom shoulders in Wintergrasp for a 5% experience bonus. There are also heirloom rings available that can only be acquired after you have reached Level 80.

Three tiers of heirloom upgrades

The newest addition to the heirloom system is the ability to add more experience, which is now available for a higher price. While it used to be possible to buy weapon and armor upgrades for 12,500 gold each, that was no longer the case. Although some players demanded the money back, Blizzard defended the change and assured players that they would level faster without the bonus. The experience bonus was something players paid for and needed at the time, so removing it was a controversial decision.

In World of Warcraft, heirlooms can be upgraded four times. The first upgrade item will let you scale your Heirloom to Level 35, then Level 40, then 45, 50, and finally to Level 60. Some Heirloom Items will scale to level 44 without the need for upgrading, though. The upgrade items are different for Weapons and Armor, so be sure to check the specific requirement before you purchase an item.

One of the best ways to level is to use heirloom gear. This will save you money over time, as the level of the heirloom item will scale with the player’s level. Furthermore, heirloom gear will give you a set bonus, which increases as you level.

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Players can find heirlooms by searching for them in the game. You can find them in the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge, and in the Orgrimmar region, Krom Soutatm and Estelle Gendry. They can be used to increase the level of a character’s main stat and reduce the amount of rested experience consumed.

An heirloom armor costs 9,000 gold per piece, while a ring costs 8,500 gold. Weapons vary in price depending on their type. Increasing the level of an heirloom will also increase the amount of experience gained per piece. As a result, upgrading heirlooms can make a character more powerful, allowing them to survive longer mobs and fight larger pulls.

Cost of upgrading heirlooms

Upgrading heirlooms in World of Warcraft can be expensive. However, there are some ways to save money and still obtain high-quality gear. One of the most popular ways is to sell your old gear and use the gold to buy new ones. However, this practice can be expensive if you do not want to sell your old gear.

Heirlooms are purchased using gold from Krom Stoutarm in Ironforge or Estelle Gendry in Orgrimmar. Players can purchase an upgraded heirloom using Ancient tokens. They can be worth up to their histical height. If you have a lot of gold, you can choose the Timeworn, Weathered, or Battle-Hardened upgrade. Each of these will increase the heirloom’s level by a few points.

Unlike other items, heirlooms give you a certain amount of experience points as you level. This is a great benefit for leveling. However, once the Shadowlands expansion comes out, heirlooms will no longer give experience points. However, you will still receive the benefits of wearing them when leveling.

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An heirloom can be upgraded up to four times in the World of Warcraft game. Each time you upgrade it, you’ll receive an extra piece of heirloom. Most heirlooms have an experience bonus, which stacks with other heirlooms you have. This makes it possible to use heirlooms in multiple classes if you don’t mind the price.

Upgrading heirlooms can help you level faster. A single piece of heirloom armor costs 9,000 gold, and rings cost 8,500 gold each. It can cost as much as 53,500 gold to upgrade an entire set. However, many players find that this is worth it as they level faster.

In World of Warcraft, the cost of upgrading heirlooms depends on what you need. You can purchase these items from guild merchants or by using PvP marks. There are also PvP vendors for a selection of weapons and shoulder pieces. In addition to these, there are heirlooms for different classes. For instance, a hunter can wear a heavy set of armor and carry a polearm. In addition, hunters who have beast mastery or marksmanship can also use a bow or other weapon.



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