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Youthful insomnia? Cell phone fault

Youthful insomnia? Cell phone fault

Rome – When we say that today’s young people are too smart, we certainly mean something else. But the concept is applicable to the letter by reading the results of a research conducted jointly in the States by the Children Hospital of Philadelphia and the National Sleep Foundation, which shows that mobile phones and other modern entertainment tools (PCs, video game consoles) steal precious hours of sleep to young people.

The study involved adolescents ranging in age from 11 to 17 years. A fifth of the subjects stated that they allow themselves nine canonical hours of sleep every day. The remaining 80% admitted to sleeping for much less time and paying the consequences the next morning: from late admission to school to “manifest sleepiness” during class hours.

The research shows that the hours of sleep are inversely proportional to the age of the students: in practice, the most “mature” sleep less than 7 hours, while the youngest even reach 8. But what are the reasons why these teenagers ager do the small hours? Immediately after the caffeine, recurring in the drinks preferred by young audiences, comes the hi-tech world.

The mobile phone, a communication and entertainment tool, even seems to have surpassed TV, computers and video games. On the other hand, nowadays, it is increasingly common to find smartphones capable of integrating these three “voices” of entertainment, which however remain present in the bedrooms of young people and which constitute a pastime frequented for hours and hours. .

The two institutes therefore decided to launch an educational campaign, currently underway, aimed at raising awareness among the population (in all age groups) on the need for sleep as an element of primary importance for a better quality of life.

Dario Bonacina